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11 Remarkable Ways Playing Outdoors Benefits Children

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Playing outdoors has been the main activity for children around the world, throughout most of human history. Only recently, with the advent of cheap technology and electronics, that kids have been inclined to stay indoors and ignore the natural pull of the outdoors.

Denying that natural impulse has undeniable consequences to children. Even society and the health of the planet as a whole is affected. Here are just 11 remarkable benefits of playing outdoors.

1. Fresh air

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Bubbles are awesome!

The air outside can be considerably better for your child’s developing lungs and body than the air inside of a house. Indoor air can not only be stale recycled air, but it can be full of allergens, impurities, and dust.

Unless you live in a densely populated metropolitan with poor air quality, going outside to play with your kids has great health benefits.

2. Being outside encourages activity

Going outside is itself energizing and invigorating. Being in the sunlight stimulates a gland in our brain to secrete hormones that keep our rhythm in tune.

Going outside not only encourages kids to run around, get exercise, and be active and healthy, but it also helps their bodies know when its time to go to sleep. Encouraging restful sleep  causes proper development and a healthy immune system.

3. Increases immunity

One of the health benefits of playing outdoors and touching the earth, trees, and bits of nature means that your child is exposed to more bacteria and viruses than they are indoors. This is not a bad thing. Consistent and gentle exposure in this way is natural.

Their body is being introduced and primed to recognize harmful pathogens. This can prevent severe illnesses later on down the road and make for a healthier child.

4. Being outside is inspiring

The natural world is full of wonder. Revealing this world to your kids will provide them with an endless source of inspiration.  This will become a part of who they are. Being able to turn to nature for inspiration and serenity is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can pass on.  Kids will always remember that they have this, and be grateful for it. A sense of outdoor inspiration is subtle.  Outdoor play is also linked to other areas of learning and development.

5. Creativity is sparked outside

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So many possibilities!

When kids go outside, they see a wide world full of possibilities and curiosities. There are so many things to grab their attention.  Their senses are tickled by lots of different stimuli.  This in turn affects their brain by inspiring creativity.

The world is their oyster, when they are outside. Kids are free to create anything they want, as the environment becomes free reign. The porch can become a pirate ship, or a running hose can become a waterfall.

Letting your kid express their creativity outside is flexing your child’s brain.  They will grow into better, more creative adults because of it.

6. Science takes place outside

Just as creativity is spurred outside, so is scientific curiosity. Kids see how the world works, in person. This is stimulating to their curiosity. If they see something, they will want to figure out how it works. With you by their side, they might learn more than they would in a classroom. This is the very basis of the scientific process.

They can observe and interact with wild animals and learn to care for them and the environment as a whole. They can see how weather and seasons affect the natural world, and the rhythm of the planet. It is crucial for a child to understand and care for their planet.  Without going outdoors, this part of them will never develop. A side effect of less outdoor play is the decline of environmentalists in society.

7. Playing outside is calming

Kids are full of energy, to an excess. Releasing that energy outside during playtime helps them burn some of that excess energy. Kids get exercise and become healthier and become calmer and easier to manage for their parents and caretakers.

The outdoors is a place where even the most energetic and inattentive child will find the endless stimuli that they crave. Encouraging them to spend their energy on outdoor activities is a great way to funnel that energy.  These activities will build a strong foundation for a healthy adulthood.

8. Better vision

There are scientific studies that show that exposure to natural sunlight enhances a child’s ability for distance vision. It can also lower their chances for nearsightedness. Sunlight stimulates portions of the human brain in ways that are crucial to development. Exposure to sunlight also promotes a healthy circadian rhythm.  This rhythm is important to a healthy sleep cycle.

9. Better physical coordination

It has been proven that playing outside greatly benefits kids who are still developing their coordination. Playing outside and in a natural environment exposes them to uneven and unstable surfaces.  This requires proper balance, agility, depth perception, and dexterity.

Tucson infant care centers which let kids play outside grow into kids with better coordination. Without introduction to natural surfaces, a child may not develop a good sense of balance and may later suffer from poor coordination and vertigo.

10. Better grades and classroom performance

There is evidence that shows a strong connection between outdoor activities and good performance in school. Studies show that kids who spend time outside do better in all academic subjects.  It also increases critical thinking skills.

Schools that incorporate outdoor activities in their curriculum show a drastic increase in learning outcomes. One study shows that engagement in hands-on outdoor science programs increased student understanding of science by 27 percent.

11. A sense of stewardship

The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Summer means more time outside! Yea!

By introducing your child to the outdoors, they will learn to love it and care for it. Take it a step further, and teach them the names of the plants and animals that live around them.

The natural world is full of wonder.  It sparks endless wells of curiosity. It can be a place where children can fully engage themselves, body and mind. Tucson infant care centers with outdoor play have shown an increase in kids who love nature.

Passing on knowledge of the natural world introduces the next generation to a sense of stewardship for our planet. Our planet needs more protection every day. Playing outdoors on a regular basis can make your child into a better human being. What a great benefit that can be!

Look for a Tucson child care center that incorporates outdoor time. Your child and family will benefit in many ways. If you are starting early, look for a Tucson preschool that has caretakers trained to incorporate the outdoors into care and play. You will notice the immediate benefits, as well as throughout your child’s life and development. There are so many benefits to playing outside, go ahead and get started now!