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7 Holiday Activities for Preschoolers in Tucson

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Everyone’s most awaited time of the year is finally here – the Christmas time! The yuletide is something people of all ages, especially children, are looking forward. It is indeed a very jolly and cheerful season as it is a time to celebrate togetherness and love. As parents, despite being busy with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and decorating your home, one of the things you should aim to achieve is to keep your preschool children pumped up for the season. Make the most of the holidays by giving your little ones some exciting activities that give them opportunities for learning. From gift-making to decorating and making some Christmas goodies, there’s a plethora of fun holiday activities you can do together with your preschoolers. Take a look at the list below for some ideas on holiday activities for preschoolers in Tucson. 

Have a snowman building contest

snowman holding a broom

Have fun in the snow and make a snowman

Don’t you think this is the best time to enjoy the cold weather outside and play with snow together with your family? To make it more exciting especially for your preschoolers, you can have a snowman building contest and give a prize to whoever can create probably the biggest or the most creative snowman. It depends on your criteria and you can decide or ask everybody to agree on it.

Go caroling

Caroling is more fun when you do it with the entire family. If your preschool children have not had this experience yet, now is the best time to share this wonderful experience with them. Select some songs that are easy for them to sing and memorize. Then, go around the neighborhood and make rounds around the town. This fun holiday activity will surely make new and great memories for the entire family.

Bake Christmas goodies

If you think that baking is not something that kids at preschool age can do, you’re wrong. Baking Christmas goodies is, in fact, one of the best and fun holiday activities that your preschoolers can participate in. They may not be able to finish the whole process by themselves, but you can give them simple baking tasks. Ask them to hand you over the ingredients, or do the mixing and everything else they can do with your supervision.

Make Christmas decors

If your little ones love making arts and crafts, then this activity will be excellent for them. Encourage them to channel their creativity by making Christmas decors that you can hang around the house. You can also ask them to make some ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree. Recommend some projects that are not too complicated for them to do. By doing this, you will keep them busy, and at the same time, they are able to do something fun and productive at the same time.

Do charity work

If your family has a particular charity or organization you reach out to during Christmas season, it will be best if you can get your preschooler involved. If you plan to give them gifts, bring your kids when you do your shopping and let them pick the gifts. Make them understand that these gifts are for the less fortunate and homeless children. Also explain why it is important for them to learn the art of sharing and being a blessing to others. You can also ask them to help you with the wrapping of these gifts and bring them when you drop them to the charity.

Make holiday cards

Christmas card

Make some cards and send them out to family

Another enjoyable and fun holiday activity you can ask your kids to do is to make Christmas cards. These can serve as their gifts if they want to express their love to their parents, siblings and their friends. Just provide them the materials they need and let them do it however they want. Just make sure that they do it with your supervision especially if they have to use some tools like scissors and other sharp objects.

Read a new book

Reading a book while on vacation does not have to be boring for children. December is a good time for you to introduce new books to them. Just select the ones that are centered around the holiday season or better yet, make them choose a book they’ll be interested to read while on vacation.