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7 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschooler

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Parents of preschoolers in Tucson, Arizona may be looking for reading tips to help their preschool student retain skills and knowledge over the summer break. These seven tips are only some of the ways parents can encourage their preschoolers to love learning even in the summertime.

Choose Read-Alouds That Connect with Summer Activities

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Read out loud with your kids

Part of making summer enrichment fun for your child is choosing preschool reading books about subjects he or she enjoys. One way to do this is to choose books about summer activities you plan to do, are currently doing, or have recently done. Going to the beach, camping, swimming in a poolu and having a picnic have all been the subjects of books for preschoolers. A children’s librarian can recommend others.

Create a Family History Book to Document Your Summer

By making a book together, your family can extend the love of reading into a love of writing and using one’s imagination. This summer preschool enrichment activity allows you and child to work together. Use things the family did over the summer, coming up with imaginative words and images to describe them. Then create a tangible keepsake that you and your child can re-read any time.

Designate a Daily Reading Time

Many schools encourage students to spend fifteen minutes a day reading. You may have to adjust the specific length of time to suit your preschooler’s attention span. By having a certain time of day at which you always read, you establish reading as part of the daily routine. When your child reaches higher grades, he or she will already be in the habit, and reading for fifteen minutes a day will already be a habit.

Let Your Child See You Reading

Children will see adults reading at reputable preschools in Tucson. Let them see that reading isn’t only an activity for school but also something you do at home on a daily basis. This helps establish that reading is a normal part of life that is done at any time and any place.

Show your child that you read a wide variety of media, from books to magazines to newspapers. Help them understand how reading and writing are part of your everyday life. This shows even when you’re only making out a grocery shopping list or paying a bill by mail.

Point Out Words and Letters in the Course of Daily Activities

This preschool enrichment tip requires very little time and energy. Just noticing words and letters in your daily routine can be a part of your reading routine. Signs along the road as you’re driving, signs inside and outside stores where you shop with your preschooler, stop signs when you’re out for a walk, etc. Doing this with your child will show them not only the uses for specific words but also how important reading and writing are to daily life.

Dozens of activities and games also incorporate words and letters. Practice making letter shapes in the sand at the beach or cover an outdoor table in shaving cream and write words in it with your fingers. Make up a spelling rhyme to go along with hopscotch or jumping rope.

Take Books With You on Outings

A small selection of preschool reading books can easily be slipped into a picnic basket or beach bag. You can maintain a stash of books in the car for road trips both long and short. Children will learn that books are something that can be enjoyed anywhere. Try reading in the park or at the beach to reinforce the idea of reading as a pleasure.

Visit Your Local Public Library

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Visit the library often

Libraries are great places to find summer enrichment programs. Most libraries offer a story time program. They may also schedule interactive, book-themed activities such as puppet shows or arts and crafts activities. Some libraries also offer all-ages summer reading programs that give children a chance to earn points and/or rewards for every book they read/hear. Parents are often encouraged to stay with their children and take part in the library activities together, which can build even more pleasurable summer memories.

By using these seven summer reading tips, parents and other caregivers can encourage their preschool student to retain learning skills and knowledge over the summer. With a little planning, preparation, and fun, your child will go straight into any reputable preschool in Tucson or kindergarten program ready to learn and succeed.