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Activities & Play Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

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The Apple Tree Learning CentersFeeling frustrated with cranky or bored kids? Having a few play ideas up your sleeve can work really well to help break the tension.

Here at The Apple Tree Learning Centers we understand that redirecting your children with purposeful play and giving you time to breathe and finish whatever it is you are trying to get done.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers provides you simple activities and play ideas that you can call upon whenever you feel your children need distraction or re-direction. We encourage you to sit down and make a list of 10-20 easy-to-pull together activities that are suitable for ALL or EACH of your children.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Invent your own game!

Your list will be unique, just as your children and their interests are unique –no children are the same! Your activities should be governed by the ages and developmental stages of each of your children.

If you are not sure where to start, check out the lists of activity ideas that we have included below (we have used some of these at the child care center) – we have sorted them according to developmental stage.

Once you have written it down, put this list somewhere that you can refer to it quickly. You might like to also collect all or some the items needed for each activity.

If you still find it impossible to find activities for your children, feel free to ask any of our child care center teachers. They will be more than glad to help you find the right activities for your child.
For babies and toddlers:

  • Active Baby Play Activities
  • Tape Loops
  • Create a treasure basket: see these examples – exploring sound or exploring shiny things
  • Sticky art
  • Create a photo play purse
  • Start Out With Water Play

For toddlers and preschoolers:

  • 5 Ways to Find 5 Minutes of Mom Time
  • 3 Simple Imaginative Play Ideas for Tots
  • 6 Ways to Play with Toy Cars
  • Box and tape construction
  • Play dough is a tension breaker. Providing a different set of ‘tools’ to work with helps to keep play dough interesting for children who play with it often.
  • Get Little Bodies Moving

For preschoolers and bigger kids:

  • Downloading a new audio story works really well. The added benefit of audio stories – they have to be still to hear them!
  • Make a set of simple puppets
  • Make modeling clay pictures
  • Painting with water colors: once children know the process for painting with water colors it can be a nice, quiet activity.
  • Set them a 30 minute challenge.
  • Cooking: set them the task of making afternoon tea.