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7 Ways Summer School Helps Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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The jump from preschool to Kindergarten can be jarring for your little one. Summer school is a good way to ease the transition. The best thing you can do for your child is to allow them to continue their learning through the summer months. This will go a long way in preparing your child for Kindergarten.

Summer enrichment at a reputable Kindergarten prep program such as The Apple Tree Learning Centers has been proven to improve school performance, help with social development, and keep them excited to learn!

Here are 7 ways that a summer enrichment program prepares your child for Kindergarten.

1. Ride the Momentum of The School Year

Learning should not stop just because the school year is over. Throughout the school year your child has established a learning routine. There is no reason to let that momentum crash. A summer of learning will give your child an advantage going into Kindergarten.

2. A Summer School Program Introduces Children to a More Structured School Environment

Kindergarten prep | The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Summer school introduces school structure

Kindergarten classrooms require more of children than preschool does. A summer program introduces your child to the new environment and what will be expected of him or her.

3. Research Confirms its Effectiveness

Years of research into Kindergarten readiness has shown that children who attend these programs are more prepared and more successful when Kindergarten begins. Most research shows that children who attend high quality preschool programs excel in their future academic endeavors.

4. Children Who Are Behind Benefit Most

Many children have a tumultuous start to their academic career just because they don’t know what to expect. These types of programs are designed to prepare these children for what is to come. The first step to success is preparation; the combination of the two, leads to excellence.

5. It is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

Ensuring your child receives a good education prepares them for their school career and beyond. Successful and responsible adults are usually the ones who had parents which made sure their educational needs were met. A year of Kindergarten preparation is a proactive move that will pay dividends for your child’s future.

6. Social Growth

Preschool is where children first learn to interact with classmates and teachers. These interactions become more complex in Kindergarten. A summer program will ease your child into the new level of social interaction so they will be ready for Kindergarten. They will learn to play and cooperate with their peers and to respect the new rules that they are governed by.

7. Real Learning Opportunities

summer enrichment | The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Summer school starts on actual learning

A quality Kindergarten Prep program is the best place for your child to learn real concepts and skills in mathematics and language. Year-round practice not only improves their skills, but it instills the importance of consistent, diligent effort.

Your Children are in Good Hands at The Apple Tree Learning Centers

The Apple Tree Learning Centers value education as well as building a strong relationship with parents and students. They feel that education is a family concern and the whole family should be involved. They also value safety above all else. Their unblemished safety record shows that your child is in good hands when they are at Apple Tree.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers employees are highly researched to ensure they are the right person to teach your children. They only hire employees who have proven they can work with families to advance each student under their care. Year-round assessment are also provided to keep you abreast of how your child is progressing.

The summer months are a time for fun and vacations, but they are also a golden opportunity to continue learning. Parents need to ask “what does my child need to know for Kindergarten?” Once you identify what they need to know, you can research programs that will prepare your little one.
Find a way to help your soon-to-be Kindergartner progress in their learning while they enjoy their summer.  A proactive approach to your child’s education is the best way to ensure success.

If you are looking for a trustworthy preschool in Tucson look no further than The Apple Tree Learning Centers. Their experienced and qualified staff will make your child adore summer school!