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Benefits of Outdoor Play for Preschoolers in Tucson

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Benefits of Outdoor Play for Preschoolers in Tucson

a child playing in a playground

Children love to play outside and it holds a lot of benefits for them. Letting them have outdoor play allows them to explore the surrounding environment by themselves. It also develops their muscle strength and coordination. And it will help them gain self-esteem. Letting the preschool students play outside will improve their flexibility and motor skills. They will get to do sports activities that will strengthen them in the long run.

Nowadays, though, kids seem to be spending a lot of time indoors. Studies showed that having more time inside the house rather than playing outside impacts health and development.. Let your kids play outdoors because there are multiple benefits from it. Here are some of them.

Develops children’s learning abilities

Letting the preschoolers play outside will help develop their learning abilities. This is a fun way to help children learn new things, skills, and information. Outdoor play will also encourage kids to think of learning as an ongoing process.

Helps develop creativity

Getting to play outdoors often will improve their creativity. Being outside will stimulate a child’s imagination. While playing with the things found outside, they’ll be using their imaginations more. Hence developing their creative thinking.

Improve children’s health

There are many benefits to children’s health by letting them play outside. Children will become more active and this will help their bones get stronger. This will also increase their fitness level by burning off extra calories and energy. Being outside, children will get some needed vitamin D from the sun.

Promote Social Skills

Space outdoors is less crowded and less limited compared to space indoors. This can be less intimidating and will help children be more sociable with other kids. Letting kids play outdoors will help them join in different activities and games. This will let them talk to other children and make new friends as well. Playing outdoors will encourage children to interact with their peers without adult supervision.

Develop Independence

Tucson Outdoor Play for Preschoolers

Playing outdoors is fun!

Letting children play outside will let them socialize and interact with other children. They will also learn how to play by themselves. They will learn how to adjust and take turns playing a certain toy or a certain game. This will teach children how to be independent.

Improves their vision

There is a study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology that says children who play outside have reduced risks of having Myopia or what is commonly called nearsightedness. Getting children to spend time outside can help reduce the development and progression of nearsightedness in kids.

It reduces stress

Spending time outdoors is a great way of reducing stress for kids. It is healing and relaxing. The green colors found outside, like trees and grass, help decrease the stress level of children. This is because the outdoors serve as an escape for children from the daily routine. A study shows that children who often play outside find peace in their environment.

Let children explore

Letting children play outside will let them push through their limits. It lets them overcome their fears and lets them overcome challenges on their own. The outdoors can teach children how to assess risks and explore new exciting games. They will become confident in trying out new things without guidance from adults.

Helps their general well-being

Letting the kids have the freedom to play outside will make them feel happier. As said above, children will get natural vitamin D while outdoors. This will improve their mood and help create a positive mind and attitude. Having kids play outside will let them burn the extra energy. When it’s time to sit inside the classroom, they wouldn’t be fidgety and will be more focused.

Letting children play outdoors can help them in more ways than what you thought. Aside from letting them bask in the sun for vitamin D, playing outside will help develop their physique. They will become stronger and will also strengthen their immune system. Don’t be afraid to let children explore on their own. Supervise them when they play outside, but never hinder them from experiencing things on their own.