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Sharing & Caring During the Holiday Season

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Winter is coming, and that means that the holidays are on their way. It’s the perfect time to feel the holiday spirit and try to help your fellow man. There are a lot of different ways to do that, so it’s easy to find something that can make a difference for a small part of the world that anyone can handle.

Donate Blood

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The Red Cross always needs blood donations, but the need increases during times when people are more likely to be injured. People travel a lot around the holidays, which means there are more accidents and thus more injuries, so blood banks can run into trouble during the holidays. Blood also spoils quickly, so you can be sure that your donation is needed, especially if you have a rare blood type. Donating blood is quick, easy, and free, so it’s a great option for people who are interested in giving back to others without going to too much trouble.

The best way to donate blood is to schedule a visit to a local blood drive. Most blood drives will advertise for several days before the event, so it’s relatively easy to find one. The Red Cross can also help you to find the nearest blood drive if there aren’t any local advertisements. If there aren’t any blood drives to attend, consider organizing one of your own. It takes more work, but blood can save lives, so it’s certainly worth the effort.

Volunteering as a Tutor

Education is one of the keys to building a better life, but sometimes getting an education is easier said than done. Volunteering your time as a tutor can give the gift of knowledge to someone in need, and that gift can pay dividends for years to come. There are several ways to do this, so most people can find some way to help.

Literacy is one of the most important skills because it enables people to learn other things, but some people have trouble with it. Children need to practice reading if they’re going to get good at it, but they don’t always get that chance at home. Providing it is a great way to give back to the community. Simply handing out simple books and giving children the chance to read to you as you fix their mistakes can be a big help. Reading to them is also useful, and almost any adult can do it.

Older students often need help with specific subjects. Helping them requires more specialized knowledge, but you can still do it if you understand the subject. Adults with specialized skills, like woodworking, can also take the chance to pass those on. They aren’t always taught in school, but they’re still useful.

The best way to get involved through tutoring is to contact a local school and ask if they need help with any of their clubs or programs. Libraries are also a good choice, especially for people who want to help with literacy issues. Even if they don’t need volunteers themselves, they can usually point you towards a program that does.

Cook a Feast

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Most holidays involve big meals with big groups of people. If you’re filled with the holiday spirit and want to give back in a way that fits the season, you can’t go wrong by contributing to a meal for the community.

These community meals help to solve several different problems at the same time. At a basic level, they can help to fight hunger in the community. They can also spread some holiday joy to people who aren’t able to afford the traditional meal on their own. One meal may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference to people who are on the verge of poverty.

Community feasts also offer a hidden benefit. It isn’t much fun to be alone for the holidays, but it happens to a surprising number of people. These events give those individuals a chance to come together with other people for the holidays that would otherwise be denied to them. That’s a powerful gesture, and it can make the holidays much brighter.

Remember the Essentials

In the end, the holidays are a time to give back to the community. Even a small effort can make a big difference, so there’s no reason not to do something to help others. As long as you remember the golden rule when you volunteer, it’s hard to go wrong.

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Get Your Irish on for Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

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shamrock by slfGet Your Irish on for Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations with us here at The Apple Tree Learning Centers!

Even if you aren’t of Irish heritage this is a wonderful day to celebrate and learn about the culture. The Apple Tree Learning Centers teaches children the various cultures to help them understand the importance of cultural diversity. For families St. Patrick’s Day offers a wide range of different options that can easily be adapted for kids of all ages from toddlers through to teens.

Of course, green is an essential element of this day, so designing a family T-shirt that is green in color and features different St. Patrick’s Day symbols such as shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold or even those magical rainbows is a fun activity before the event. The Apple Tree Learning Centers will be using various symbols to help the children identify these symbols as part of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Learning about the Irish symbols and learning their meaning is a great activity for children that they can share with the rest of the family.

A Treasure Hunt

Kids of all ages love to look for treasure, so why save this activity just for Easter? Moms and Dads can hide gold wrapped chocolate coins around the house and yard and let the children go searching for treasure.

If chocolate isn’t a good option for your family consider buying gold gift wrap or foil and individually wrapping healthy snacks for the kids to find. You can also buy some plastic coins and spray paint them gold for a real treasure hunt.

Gold coins can then be traded in for special prizes that are, or course, located in Mom’s and Dad’s lucky pot of treasures. You can include coupons for Mom and Dad to do special activities for the kids such as cook a favorite meal together or have Mom or Dad clean the kid’s rooms for a day.

Make an Irish Meal

Food is always a great way to celebrate a culture and there are a lot of iconic foods associated with the Irish culture. You may want to prepare a traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage or put together a hearty beef or lamb and vegetable stew matched with Irish soda bread.

Colcannon, a vegetable casserole that features potatoes, cabbage, parsnips and leeks is a wonderful side dish or perfect for a vegetarian main course. Finish off the meal with the classic Irish apple cake that is not too sweet and you have the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

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October Fun!

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October is long gone and The Apple Tree Learning Centers has put together a number of pictures for you to enjoy! These pictures include center activities that were happening during our Spirit Week.

The children loved to see each other with their crazy hair and their costumes. Thank you for participating and allowing your child to join the fun! We cannot wait for next year!

– The Apple Tree Learning Centers