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Choosing the Best Child Care Center

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The toddler stage is one of the most important phases in your child’s life, as it is the foundation stage. Education is crucial at this point because your child will learn and absorb everything that he is taught.

Best Child Care Center

Find the best child care for your child!

Choosing the best childcare centre for your toddler thus needs careful decision-making, as your choice can affect the development of your child. Here are some tips to ensure that you are selecting nothing but the best for your kid.

  1. Prioritize. When choosing the best daycare centre for your child, your choices will have to depend on your priorities. For instance, you may opt for one that is nearer your place of work so you can still supervise your child even when you are working. Some parents prioritize daycare centres with eclectic or unique educating styles. It really depends on what you want for you and your child.
  2. Visit day care centres. It is better to do your research and drop by a number of daycare centres so you could narrow down your choices. You should have a list of recommended childcare centres to visit. Once you’re there, observe how the staff takes care of their wards. Pay special attention to how the staff treats the children and how they interact with them. Babies and toddlers need maximum supervision and a loving interaction. Choose day care centres that prioritize playtime, as this will help your child become a sociable individual in the future.
  3. Spy. Not to be condescending towards daycare centres, but this tip is just for you to make sure that marketing and referrals are made out of good intentions and thus reflect what really happens in the daycare centre. Evaluate the centre if it matches your child’s needs. Assess their toys and learning materials, as well as the areas for play and eating. Pay attention to cleanliness and orderliness. Check the policies of the centre as well to make sure that these policies are in line with child development and would not bring harm to your child.
  4.  Interview the staff. Extract as many pieces of information as possible from them — they will be your sole source of direct facts because your child cannot talk or describe them yet. As you make negotiations, avoid being too trusting. Maintain objectivity as you ask the staff about their policies, mission, vision, and educational system.

    child care

    Ask your child for their opinion too!

  5. Don’t be afraid to point out mistakes. You and the caregiver may not agree with the childcare styles, so you can be vocal about your own parenting technique. The best child care understands the need to match the parent’s style in caring for the kid, and there will be compromises. When you notice that something is wrong, don’t take it as the day care’s “style.” Mention this immediately and maintain open communication with the staff. After all, you know what is best for your child.
  6. Be intuitive. If something doesn’t feel right (and if the daycare centre refuses to acknowledge this), don’t think twice. Simply walk away. Your child will be better off with another centre.
  7. See if your child likes it. At the end of the day, it is if your child is comfortable that matters. Kid-test the daycare centre and see how your child fares for a day.

Choosing the best child care centre is tough at first, but once you see your ideal centre, you will be content, knowing that your kid is in good hands.

Come check out child care at The Apple Tree Learning Center Child Care Center in Tucson. 

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Choosing the Best Toddler Program in Tucson

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Your child’s formative years are the most important phase in his life. This is the time when your child needs all the care and proper training he needs. These are foundations so that in the future he would be a more useful part of society. However, choosing the best toddler program in Tucson  may be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Best toddler program in Tuscon

Toddler Programs are a great way to get started learning.


  1. Pay attention to how the teachers and the staff treat the toddlers. A caregiver should be interacting and playing with the children, ideally on the floor or while the caregiver holds the child on her lap. Children need to feel loved and cared for, and a close proximity and monitoring by adults will help a great deal in making the child feel safe.
  2. The day care center should commit to taking care of the toddlers. Check out how devoted the staff are (i.e. how many have stayed for the job, and how many have quit the job).
  3. Check the day care center’s policies and parenting philosophy. If they share the same philosophy as yours (and if yours is on the right track) then this toddler program is right for your child. Don’t forget to ask about their sick-child policy, and ask them how they manage the center when their caregivers couldn’t get to work.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and recommendations. Some of the things you can look out for are the physical environment of the center, whether the place is clean and neat, the safety of the children, the kind of people who operate the center, and the tools, materials, and toys that children may play with. You should also ask if the toys and utensils are properly sanitized, or if the playing areas have fences or soft mats.
  5. The best toddler program in Tucson will highly prize communication with parents, as they know this will help the latter get to know the child very well. Should problems arise, the teachers and the staff must let you know before making any drastic decisions concerning your child. On the other hand, the staff should also know how to solve the problem on their own. However, they need to contact you before matters get out of hand.
  6. The best toddler program believes that education and play should be balanced, as both play a great role in your child’s growth and development. Your child should be able to learn ABCs and 123s in the day care center, yet learn to socialize with teachers and with other kids as well. Choose the day care center that promotes holistic training and development for your child.

Toddler Program in Tucson with The Apple Tree Learning Center

The Apple Tree Learning Center is dedicated to providing quality child care through all development stages. Our toddler program in Tuscon  incorporates both play and learning and helps you child develop the skills they will need for preschool and kindergarten. Come check out our toddler program and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Child Care Safety Essentials

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Sending your child off to a childcare center, day care or preschool for the first time can be a little scary, especially if it is your first child. You worry about whether they will make new friends easily, play well with others and not fall behind the other children. You may also worry about the safety of your little one while they are in a child care setting. Child care safety is always one of the main concerns for first time preschool parents.

That’s only natural. Your child’s safety, no matter what the circumstances, is one of your highest priorities. But what

The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Your precious child’s safety is our priority.

can you do to ensure that your child is safe when they are in a child care setting and you are not the one supervising them? The answer is to make sure that the child care center you choose follows child care safety conventions and best practices. Below is a brief list of things concerning child care safety to consider before sending your little one off to learn.

Make Sure the Children are adequately supervised

A no brainer, perhaps. But with all the things involving child care safety, from germs to playground equipment, sometimes the simplest items slip past without examination.

  • Make sure that the children are supervised at all times and that there is a policy in place to prevent any supervision gaps.
  • Ask about how teacher and caregivers transition the children from one setting to another, nap time policies and knowledge of safe sleeping practices.

A good indicator of the kind and quality of supervision a child care center provides is their child to caregiver ratio.

  • Ask about the caregiver/child ratio and ensure that it is within the acceptable limits.

Health and Illness Policies

Child care Safety

Keep updated on your child care safety and illness policies

Anytime children come into contact with other children, there is a chance that illness and germs get passed around. Some of this is unavoidable. But there are things that can be done to keep kids as healthy as possible.

  • Review the child care center’s health policy.
  • Make sure the child care center has a good hand washing policy. Regular hand washing has been shown to cut down on illnesses in child care safety studies.
  • Ask about their sick policy and make sure that parents are encouraged to keep their sick child at home.
  • Ask the center about food handling policies and, if your child has an allergy, ask about how the center and staff deal with children with food borne allergies.


It is recommended that you administer all medications to your children at home. Sometimes, however, medication has to be administered in a child care setting. If this is the case, here’s what to do.

  • Give the child care staff the original bottle with dosage instructions.
  • Ask about the staff experience with medication administration and any policies they have to reduce the likelihood of improper administration.
  • Make sure the child care center staff are aware off the signs of adverse or allergic reactions and how to handle them.

Play Equipment

Ironically, the times that children are most likely to get hurt are when they are supposed to be having fun. When choosing childcare it is important to review their equipment and play policies.

  • Make sure any toys, equipment or playground structures are safe, clean and in good condition. Playgrounds should have adequate safety foam or rubber in case of falls and padding on any areas that a little one may hit their head on.
  • Ask if the center is keeps tabs on any child product recalls and how they evaluate the suitability of toys and equipment.

Staff and Teacher Training

In order to keep kids safe, child care centers need to keep staff trained.

  • Ask about any regular training the staff are require to undergo.
  • Review the recommended health and emergency training policies for child care safety and make sure that the child care center is committed to following these policies.
  • Make sure that staff have good and up to date CPR training and make sure that someone with CPR certification is on hand at all times.

Child Care Safety at The Apple Tree Learning Center

At The Apple Tree Learning Center, we are devoted to providing quality child care in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. With a Child Development Associate Certificate, Carmina Mariscal, The Apple Tree Learning Center’s Director, has been trained and assessed in providing nurturing and stimulating childcare programs in a safe environment. Contact The Apple Tree Learning Center to Learn More About Our Programs Today! We Look Forward to Hearing From You!