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7 Tips to Help your Child Adjust to Preschool

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adjust to preschool

Playtime in Daycare

A preschool is a great place for kids to develop valuable skills and interact with peers. It is where they learn how to follow simple directions and rules, take turns and share with other children. It is also an excellent venue that prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. While preschool offers many benefits for young children, the thought of attending one for the first time may make your child feel anxious. If you take time to plan the transition, adjusting to preschool can be a positive experience. Read this article to help your child become preschool ready.

Establish morning and bedtime routines

One of the things that young children learn in preschool is adjusting to a structured environment. But you can make the transition easier for them by setting a daily schedule at home. Establish morning and bedtime routines. Include activities such as taking a shower, brushing their teeth and dressing up. Routines are an excellent way to teach kids the concept of time and sequencing. It helps them mentally prepare for the structure in a preschool setting.

Visit the school ahead of time

If you have the time, it’s a great idea to do a sneak peek together with your child of the school while classes are ongoing . Visiting the school ahead of time will help your child become familiar with the preschool setting. It will give them an idea of the things they can expect as soon as they start going to school. It will also help them become comfortable with the classrooms and the surroundings. Tour them around the campus and allow them to play on the playground. When they start feeling comfortable, they will realize that preschool is not a bad idea after all.

Get your child excited about the first day

Help your little one forget about their anxiety by giving them something to look forward to on their first day. You have to be excited yourself about preschool so they would feel the same. Think about some of the things that will make preschool fun and exciting for them. Are they excited about their snacks? Or playing with new friends and classmates? Or wearing their new bag and pair of shoes? Highlight these things when you remind them about going to school the next day.

a child in daycare

Playtime is important for growing kids

Arrive early

Rushing to school may add to your child’s anxiety. Be sure to get your child ready for school early so you get to arrive early. This will give them ample time to settle and get cozy in the classroom.

Ease your child’s bonding with the teacher and other kids

Kids can hardly learn if they feel anxious and fearful inside. To help ease their anxieties, introduce them to their teacher. Being connected to an adult will make them feel safer and at ease. It would also help to introduce them to at least a few of their classmates. When they find a buddy they can hang out and play with, preschool becomes more fun and exciting.

Calm your child’s fears

Young children always have fears that parents might find irrational. Know that these things are natural. These anxieties take place when children are about to face a huge transition, like attending school for the first time. When you know that your child feels worried about school, be sure to acknowledge their feelings and emotions. Don’t take them for granted. Listen to them and assure them that there is nothing they should worry about. Let them know that everything is going to be fine and that they will have fun at school.

Stay with your child until they are comfortable

Because it is your child’s first time in school, you might want to stay a little longer until your child is comfortable. Find them a seat where they feel secure and comfortable. Allow them to interact with other kids at their own pace. When you see that they’re starting to love school, you can leave them on their own when classes start and pick them up right after.

Attending preschool is a huge step for a child. Be sure to help them prepare for this wonderful and exciting learning experience by following our tips. Looking for the best preschool in Tucson for your little one? Please visit The Apple Tree Learning Center.

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Tips to Prepare your Children for the New School Year

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back to school supplies

Get your back to school supplies in advance

It’s August, summer is finally coming to an end and the new school year is right around the corner. Time for parents and students all over the country to start their back to school preparations. Whether your children look forward to this event or they dread the regimented school days ahead, one thing is for sure – back to school entails another big transition. Help your kids cope with the biggest adjustments and make those first weeks of school easier for them with the following tips:

Start talking about the upcoming school year

Before summer break ends, find opportunities to talk to your child about the upcoming school year. Instead of allowing them to dwell on the post-holiday blues, get them excited about going back to school. Think of the things your child will love about school, learning on such child care programs. It could be spending time with friends, having time to play with other kids, or about a subject, they are interested in? Highlight these topics during your conversation so that they’ll have something to look forward to.

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Get Your Kids Talking about School with these 7 Tips

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Parents are always interested in what happens to their kids, especially when they start going to school. However, getting kids to talk about school is not as easy as it seems. Some children get defensive or intimidated when they are asked by their parents “how was school?”.

Are you caught up in this same dilemma and looking for the right approach on how to talk to kids and get them to open up? Here are some helpful tips to try!

Start with enthusiastic greetings

2 kids laughing

Create a good vibe to get your kids talking

Before you start trying to find out what happened today at school, start with giving your child an enthusiastic greeting as soon as you see them! You can use positive statements like “It’s great to see you!” or “I hope you had a great day!” This will keep you from making your child feel like they’re put on the spot with questioning.

Ask open ended questions

One of the rules you should follow to encourage your children to talk is to ask open-ended questions. Using this strategy is an excellent way to start a conversation and to keep it flowing naturally. Think about interesting conversation topics for kids and relate your questions to these topics. For example, since kids love to play, ask them to tell you about the games they played inside the classroom. You can even ask them to teach you how to play the game.

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3 Reasons Investing in your Child’s Preschool Education Beats the Stock Market

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Is a preschool investment a good financial bid? Currently investing in preschool education is bringing many returns to investors. And it has helped in reducing social crimes.

In every business, one focuses on the returns. Investing in preschool education is an excellent idea. Investing in your child’s preschool education is not only be beneficial to investors but also to you, as a parent. In this article, we examine why you should invest in your child’s preschool education and a preschool in Tucson, AZ.

Preschool education investment

preschool children in a class with a teacher

Preschool education is a great investment for your kids

What is a preschool education investment? Some term it as early childhood development with a high public return because it brings financial, as well as justice returns to the public. Reduced crime saves on criminal justice costs which is beneficial to society and ultimately, to the growth and development of your child.

What are the benefits of investing in early childhood education? Here are some of the advantages that your child will get from having a preschool education.

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How to Teach Your Children to Be Grateful During National Gratitude Month

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November is National Gratitude Month. This is the perfect time to teach your children this beneficial emotion. The gift of gratitude is a present you can give your children that will outlast the happiness brought by all their holiday toys. Having gratitude has been shown to block toxic emotions that may rise. People with higher gratitude levels have lower levels of stress and higher self-esteem.

Studies done with children have resulted in better satisfaction with school and home. Children who show more gratitude also give more support to others and have better social support. Having more gratitude will help them in a big way, and will help them grow into caring, empathetic adults. Here are five ways you can foster the development of gratitude among your children this year.

Say Thank You at Home

father and son talking

Teach gratitude at home

This is a great way for young and older children to focus on giving thanks. Teach them that whenever they receive a gift or a compliment, they should always say thank you. This starts with the parents. Remember that when your child does something that deserves some ‘thanks’, be generous with your gratitude. Model the behavior you would like them to have.

Teaching children to always say “thank you” will create an atmosphere of gratitude in the home. It will also turn into a lifelong practice. If at first, your children are forgetful to give their thanks, help them by having them restate their sentence with “thank you” included.

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