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Choosing the Best Child Care Center

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The toddler stage is one the most important phases in your child’s life, as it is the foundation stage. Education is crucial at this point, because your child will learn and absorb everything that he is taught.

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Choosing the best child  care center for your toddler thus needs careful decision-making, as your choice can affect the development of your child. Here are some tips to ensure that you are selecting nothing but the best for your kid.

  1. Prioritize. When choosing the best day care center for your child, your choices will have to depend on your priorities. For instance, you may opt for one that is nearer your place of work so you can still supervise your child even when you are working. Some parents prioritize day care centers with eclectic or unique educating styles. It really depends on what you want for you and your child.
  2. Visit day care centers. It is better to do your research and drop by a number of day care centers so you could narrow down your choices. You should have a list of recommended childcare centers to visit. Once you’re there, observe how the staff takes care of their wards. Pay special attention to how the staff treats the children and how they interact with them. Babies and toddlers need maximum supervision and a loving interaction. Choose day care centers that prioritize playtime, as this will help your child become a sociable individual in the future.
  3. Spy. Not to be condescending towards day care centers, but this tip is just for you to make sure that marketing and referrals are made out of good intentions and thus reflect what really happens in the day care center. Evaluate the center if it matches your child’s needs. Assess their toys and learning materials, as well as the areas for play and eating. Pay attention to cleanliness and orderliness. Check the policies of the center as well to make sure that these policies are in line with child development and would not bring harm to your child.
  4.  Interview the staff. Extract as many pieces of information as possible from them — they will be your sole source of direct facts because your child cannot talk or describe them yet. As you make negotiations, avoid being too trusting. Maintain objectivity as you ask the staff about their policies, mission, vision, and educational system.

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    Ask your child for their opinion too!

  5. Don’t be afraid to point out mistakes. You and the caregiver may not agree with the childcare styles, so you can be vocal about your own parenting technique. The best child care understands the need to match the parent’s style in caring for the kid, and there will be compromises. When you notice that something is wrong, don’t take it as the day care’s “style.” Mention this immediately and maintain an open communication with the staff. After all, you know what is best for your child.
  6. Be intuitive. If something doesn’t feel right (and if the day care center refuses to acknowledge this), don’t think twice. Simply walk away. Your child will be better off with another center.
  7. See if your child likes it. At the end of the day, it is if your child is comfortable that matters. Kid-test the day care center and see how your child fares for a day.

Choosing the best child care center is tough at first, but once you see your ideal center, you will be content, knowing that your kid is in good hands.

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