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Get Your Kids Talking about School with these 7 Tips

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Parents are always interested in what happens to their kids, especially when they start going to school. However, getting kids to talk about school is not as easy as it seems. Some children get defensive or intimidated when they are asked by their parents “how was school?”.

Are you caught up in this same dilemma and looking for the right approach on how to talk to kids and get them to open up? Here are some helpful tips to try!

Start with enthusiastic greetings

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Create a good vibe to get your kids talking

Before you start trying to find out what happened today at school, start with giving your child an enthusiastic greeting as soon as you see them! You can use positive statements like “It’s great to see you!” or “I hope you had a great day!” This will keep you from making your child feel like they’re put on the spot with questioning.

Ask open ended questions

One of the rules you should follow to encourage your children to talk is to ask open-ended questions. Using this strategy is an excellent way to start a conversation and to keep it flowing naturally. Think about interesting conversation topics for kids and relate your questions to these topics. For example, since kids love to play, ask them to tell you about the games they played inside the classroom. You can even ask them to teach you how to play the game.

Listen and show interest

Already asking open-ended questions? Good for you!  The next rule is to make sure that you are actively listening. Listen intently to your child’s answer and make sure they know you are interested and paying attention. Respond with a sentence or another question that shows you are engaged in the conversation.

For example, if your child tells you that they played on the playground, ask them who they played with, or what toys they liked playing outside.

Also, make sure that you’re always available when your child gets home from school. If they want to talk, they will approach you right away. So make sure they know you’re there when they need you.

Remove distractions

Trying to encourage a conversation with your child? Make sure you eliminate all possible distractions, especially TV, gadgets and electronics! Consider setting aside a specific time every evening for talking. To make sure you are fully engaged, turn off mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. And as the parent, you are the role model, so make sure you do the same thing.

Share about your day

Another excellent way to stimulate a conversation is to share some of the things you did or learned during your day. This is particularly effective when you share something funny or silly which happened to you that kids can relate to. So start your conversation with an interesting and funny event from your day. Your child is more likely to respond with their own interesting and funny story as well. When you make your kids laugh, it will be easier for them to open up to you.

Talk during playtime

Just like adults, kids also need some down time after school. As soon as your child gets home, prepare a snack for them and invite them to engage in a fun activity. Kids are more likely to talk about stuff when they are enjoying and having fun.

Know some information before asking

It’s better if you know a little background of what’s happening at school before asking. Find out what your child’s daily schedule is. Check the school’s website often, as well as the newsletters. Spend time talking to other parents and connecting with the teachers. You may also consider asking your child to invite some friends over for the weekend. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to use the right approach and ask the right questions which your kids will more likely respond to.

Communicating with a child may be challenging as a parent. But these tips should help you make it easier. And if you are looking for a school that promotes the overall development of your child, please consider our Tucson preschool.