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Tips on How to Choose a Great Summer Camp Program in Tucson

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Summer vacation means more free time for your little ones. For some children, this is a time to play and have fun. For others, it’s an opportunity to learn new skills and hone their studies.

As a parent, you want your kids to make the most of their summer vacation. And an excellent child care option you can consider are summer camps.

Summer camps can benefit your child in more ways than one. They can help in a child’s short-term and long-term development. They provide plenty of opportunities for children to have fun while developing certain skills.

Thinking about sending your little one to a camp during summer vacation? Here are some great tips to help you in choosing the best summer camp program.

Don’t overlook the fine points

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Make sure to choose a summer program with interesting activities

While there are several things to consider when choosing the right summer program, it’s important you don’t take the fine points for granted. It is true that the facilities, location, safety and activities are crucial things to consider. But, it is equally important to look beneath the surface of a summer program.

Good summer programs provide opportunities for children to learn new things about themselves. They are given the opportunities to explore unique and unfamiliar activities. When searching for a summer camp program, look for a program that can influence your child’s future.

It could be something which will nurture their personal growth and development. Or it could be something that will help them get a college admission, land a dream internship, and so on. Since this information is not something you can usually get from brochures, it would be best to conduct research.

Talk to the camp directors

Part of your research should include talking to the people who run and facilitate the summer camp programs. Take time to talk to the camp directors. They are the best people to answer any questions you may have regarding the activities, the philosophies and goals of the summer program.

Create a list of the most important questions you need to ask when you talk to them. Ask about the unique features of the summer camp, their goals and philosophies, the activities, conflict management strategies, the effectiveness of their staff, and more. Also, ask about the learning opportunities that your child will get from the summer program.

Find out if their activities are geared towards giving kids the chance to experience success and gain confidence. Is the program designed to develop life-long skills? Are they going to learn about independence and social skills? Is your little one going to be exposed to an environment that will teach them how to handle setbacks and failures?

Check the experience and skills of the staff in the summer camp

As a parent, one of the things you probably look at when looking for a good summer program is the ratio of campers to staff or counselors. While it is indeed a crucial consideration, you must also not forget to evaluate the skills and experience of the staff.

Highly skilled counselors are the ones who are effective and who can establish the right relationships with the kids. They should be able to successfully achieve the goals of the program through their activities. Talk to the camp directors and ask about the maturity and experience of the staff. Find out how long the counselors have been part of the summer program, the training they were given, the ratio of staff to campers and so on.

Seek feedback and recommendations from peers and other parents

Another excellent source of information are your friends and other parents who have sent their children to summer camps. Ask about their recommendations as well as the feedback from their children. What experiences did their children gain from the summer program? Did they have a great time? Did they learn new skills? How did their respond to the counselors?

Summer vacation is a perfect time for your little ones to have fun and learn something new at the same time. Help them make the most of their summer by sending them to a great childcare option like summer camp. Use these tips to help you find the best summer camp program for your child.

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