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Tucson Infant Care Program

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Infant Program in Tucson AZ

Healthy begins at
The Apple Tree Learning Centers!

At The Apple Tree Learning Centers our goal is to keep infants safe and help them grow. Safety is a big concern when it comes to infants. There is danger everywhere, whether it is at your house or even in your arms.

Growing is also the key for their success. Infants need to be fed at their scheduled times and given plenty of love.

Activities are integrated across all domains of infant development—physical, emotional, social, and cognitive—and develop a wide variety of skills, including:

  • Language acquisition
  • Sense of self
  • Sensory awareness
  • Motor skills
  • Visual tracking
  • Self-help skills and much more!

Infant care teachers focus their time making sure the babies work on their physical development such as crawling or rolling around. They also do arts and crafts while working on their motor skills. Social and emotional needs are met by giving them hugs and words of affirmation.

Infant Care Tucson AZ

Our Infant Program helps your baby develop and grow!

Infant Care Room

The infant room has a wide range of toys for children to play with. The Apple Tree Learning Centers provides a crib for every single child. We have cubbies for their personal belongings as well as room for their diapers and food.

The room counts with two rocking chairs where children love to be rocked to sleep. For the older infants, we provide breakfast, snacks, and lunch in our high chairs.

Our experienced teachers speak to your child, communicate verbally and through non-verbal gestures, tell stories and sing songs to model conversational skills, and use picture books to build association between sounds, objects and words.

In our infant program, your children will explore the concepts of cause-and-effect, trial-and-error, and object permanence through play, provide a variety of materials of different colors, sizes, textures, and shapes, and encourage the use of all five senses to discover the world.

We support your baby as he or she rolls from side-to-side and learns to crawl, stand, and walk, support the development of motor skills with blocks and shape boards, and meet your child’s individual needs for rest and nutrition. We provide paint, crayons, and other tools that promote artistic exploration and creativity, support imaginative play with photo cards and puppets, and encourage self-expression through movement and music.

To schedule your tour, call (520) 882-3816 today!  

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