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3 Reasons Investing in your Child’s Preschool Education Beats the Stock Market

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Is a preschool investment a good financial bid? Currently investing in preschool education is bringing many returns to investors. And it has helped in reducing social crimes.

In every business, one focuses on the returns. Investing in preschool education is an excellent idea. Investing in your child’s preschool education is not only be beneficial to investors but also to you, as a parent. In this article, we examine why you should invest in your child’s preschool education and a preschool in Tucson, AZ.

Preschool education investment

preschool children in a class with a teacher

Preschool education is a great investment for your kids

What is a preschool education investment? Some term it as early childhood development with a high public return because it brings financial, as well as justice returns to the public. Reduced crime saves on criminal justice costs which is beneficial to society and ultimately, to the growth and development of your child.

What are the benefits of investing in early childhood education? Here are some of the advantages that your child will get from having a preschool education.

Academic foundation

Enrolling your child in a preschool program will create a foundation for your child’s academic and social future. It prepares your child for the demands of their future schooling. Studies show that a preschool education increases the number of high-school graduates.


A preschool education will help in developing your child’s social skills. Children will learn how to interact with other children their age as well as adults.

Crime Reduction

Investing in children’s preschool education helps to reduce the number of criminal cases. Preschool helps children grow into responsible adults who are passionate about learning. Preschool educated children tend to stay in school, perform well and lead productive lives. This leads to less children entering correctional system as adults. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in your child’s preschool education.

Why does it beat the stock market? Investing in children’s preschool education is beating all other business in the stock market. Its annual return is currently more than that of other prominent firms over the years. For example, current returns are twice the Dodge & Cox stock fund.

Many parents are embracing the preschool investment to improve their children’s skills. Over the years, children who go through preschool get better grades in elementary school and beyond. Researchers claim that for every dollar invested in early childhood education about 10 dollars is saved in the criminal justice and remedial education sectors. Thus investing in your child’s preschool education will be an excellent way to save these dollars.

Best preschools in Tucson, AZ, USA

Wondering which is the best preschool for your child? If you are in Tucson, you can give your child the best preschool education by taking them to The Apple Tree learning centers. The Apple Tree Learning Centers have a flexible, comprehensive and fun curriculum. This curriculum will help your child develop excellent academic and social skills. The school’s curriculum is also well balanced to enrich your child in all aspects of life.

swings in a playschool playground

Preschool programs provide structural development for children

Their daily structure takes into account outdoor play, basic literacy skills, math, music, stories, and songs. They also have excellent instructors who use the best ways to understand strategies while teaching your child. The school also gives parents assessments of the children throughout the year. The assessment helps guide the planning as well as their learning.

You can learn more about this Tucson preschool.

So, a preschool education investment beats other investments in the stock market. It has not only brought returns on investment to the public but also to the parents. Making investing in your child’s preschool education a good idea. It will help in enhance the child’s discipline, social and academic foundations.