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Kindergarten Readiness

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Since that precious moment they were born, your child has been absorbing a lot of knowledge. Much of this knowledge isn’t they kind of stuff that is taught in schools. We may not think of learning in these terms, but something as simple as learning to crawl and then taking those first steps requires both a tremendous amount cognitive and biological development

By the time a child reaches the age of three, they are likely talking and participating with the world and others in

Kindergarten Readiness

Get your child ready for kindergarten with a kindergarten readiness program!

ways that are going to have effects later in life. At around this age, you may start thinking about the exciting day that they start their first day of kindergarten. But you may have some concerns about kindergarten readiness. Is your child ready for kindergarten? Below we will examine some of the kindergarten readiness indicators.

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

The question can cause many parents anxiety, especially if this is their first child to go kindergarten. There are both social and cognitive benchmarks that indicate kindergarten readiness. The social indicators include the ability to play and interact with other children in an appropriate way, an awareness of sharing and taking turns, handling toys and other materials properly and putting them in their proper place. Other behavior indicators include an understanding of basic safety and asking for help when it is needed.

Cognitive and intellectual indicators of readiness include the ability to sustain engagement with an activity and a genuine interest in learning. The ability to follow along with the words of a song, form complete sentences most of the time, and has little difficulty with simple puzzles.

For a detailed list of kindergarten readiness indicators, check out this great kindergarten readiness checklist. It will help you track and document your child’s progress towards that first day of school!

kindergarten readiness

A kindergarten readiness program prepares children for life long learning!

Kindergarten Readiness Programs

Kindergarten Readiness programs are a great way to ensure that any gaps in our child’s readiness are filled. Preschool is a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten. Preschool programs have been shown to give kids the social and intellectual skills they need to have a successful kindergarten experience.

Choosing a preschool is not an easy task and it is important that you ensure that you are enrolling your little scholar in a quality preschool experience. Make sure you consider the things that indicate a quality kindergarten readiness program. Here is an article that can help you to choose a good preschool or kindergarten readiness program.

Kindergarten Readiness at The Apple Tree Learning Center 

The Apple Tree Learning Center is committed to providing the children of Tuscon the quality kindergarten prep programs they deserve. Our preschool program is tailored to ease the children into the world of formal learning through games, music and play. The professional staff at The Apple Tree Learning Center are dedicated to giving each child the time they need to learn the ropes and get settled in for fun and learning! Come check out our kindergarten readiness programs and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!