music program

Music Matters

Many songs involve actions and movement (physical). Math skills are addressed in the areas of number sense, patterns and geometry. Finally all songs work on a child’s ability to recall information (cognitive).

Mr. Ray’s approach starts with the “Book of the Day” from a great collection of song based story books. Mr. Ray discusses whatever the subject matter is and he talks about the pictures and ideas in that particular book as he sings.

There are many opportunities for the children to sing along. This is always a big hit because “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Whenever possible, monthly curriculum themes are included in the lessons.

Mr. Ray occasionally incorporates a piano as part of the music experience. The keyboard is always a big hit! All ages really seem to focus in and stay centered. Typical attention spans are greatly expanded with these exercises.

Next, it’s time for some guitar music! Many of these songs involve taking directions for movement.
Mr. Ray’s Music is included in the children’s tuition at The Apple Tree Learning Centers. Stop by and hear the children and Mr. Ray sing and dance!

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