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Naps and Bedtime Stories

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It’s a small word, but a hugely important one. Children here at The Apple Tree Learning Centers have their nap time as it is a major requirement for good health. Crucial physical and mental development occurs in early childhood, and naps provide much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation. The amount of time children nap at The Apple Tree Learning Centers depends on their age because each age group has different nap requirements.

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Reading helps with bonding too!

Naps also help keep kids from becoming overtired, which not only takes a toll on their moods but may also make it harder for them to fall asleep at night. And naptime gives parents a brief oasis during the day and time to tackle household chores or just unwind.

In addition, children crave security. Night is the most difficult time for a child in a lot of cases. That’s why we tuck them in, buy nightlights, and hopefully, read or create a bedtime story. Those moments are some of the most precious we will ever have with our kids. Their eyes and ears focused on all that we are doing, until they drift securely off to sleep.

Bedtime stories not only breed secure feelings; they build a bond of trust between parent and child, and plant the seeds of creativity. For some parents, this all comes natural. But for many, it’s a difficult transition from all the hats we are already wearing. Especially when a dad is trying to relate to daughters such as the quote above, or a mom is trying to pretend she knows all about Superman to her little boy.

When your child is settled down and all tucked away comfy cozy, they are ready for a bedtime story. This precious moment when so many good things happen, and feelings of security are nurtured, can also be very stressful. Be prepared with a plan and be ready to deliver with animated passion. There are no rules in the giving of bedtime stories. There are however different ways to do it, and here are three of them for parents to consider.

1. The Standard-Read a Wide Variety of Books!
The choice of book should be those that provide a moral and life-lesson. Young children tend to like to read the same book for several nights, so that works to the parent’s advantage. The more we read it, the better we know where the key points are, and emphasize those properly in our delivery. Adding your own silly voices to the characters is a huge bonus to your child. They love it, and it helps them see you in another light that balances the times we have to be stern.

2. The iMOM Book List–Create Your Own Story
This way of telling a bedtime story is by far the most fun. It takes creativity and being able to improve on the spot. The inspiration for the story can literally come from anywhere. Ask your child to pick two stuffed animals, and you can make a story out of that using them as the puppets. All you need is a simple plot with a positive moral. This is a great way to help in whatever stage your child is at in development.

3. Technology Meets Bedtime–How to Make Your Own Bedtime Story
Our lives have been dramatically altered this century by technology. This gives us an advantage our parents never had regarding bedtime stories. Use that power and mix in video and creativity to your story telling. The Picturebook app for the iPhone and iPad allows children who don’t know how to read or write to create their own stories. We may also find plenty of stories on YouTube and sites of that nature, from the classics to stories we may not have known existed. Shake up the traditional bedtime story, and put technology to good use!