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How to Prepare your Toddler for Preschool

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Get your child familiar with preschool toys and tools

Attending preschool marks the beginning of a new phase in your child’s life. As a parent, approaching this major milestone may be exciting and nerve-wracking. Your toddler may also be feeling a mix of emotions. While this transition to preschool is not easy, there are many things about preschool to look forward to. Help your little one prepare for this big step. Make the transition as smooth as possible by using  these simple tips and tricks.

Use pretend play

Make the idea of preschool more fun and exciting for your child by using pretend play. Take turns in playing the role of a child, parent and teacher. Act out the routines that are going to take place when preschool starts. For example, act out saying goodbye to mommy and daddy before leaving for school. Act out being in a classroom, interacting with teacher and peers, reading books, toddlers playing and having fun while learning. This activity will help your toddler with what they will experience in preschool.

Read books about preschool

Reading books about preschool can give you information on preparing your little one for school. There are plenty of books you can check out in your local library. Also pick some books you can read together with your child. Make it a habit to read to your child everyday so you could foster the love for reading. This will also help enhance their language and vocabulary. Make use of your free time to read good children’s literature every chance you get. This will provide kids with the imaginative experiences and rich language skills they need to be successful.

Establish a schedule

Following a specific routine can help ease your child’s transition to  preschool. With a schedule they will find it easier to adjust and learning becomes more effective. Routine teaches kids the concept of time and sequence. And adapting to routines can mentally prepare your child for the day ahead. This will help your little one adjust when it comes to attending school. Make sure to do this at least a month before school starts.

Make use of the teachable moments

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Prepare your child before enrolling them in a preschool program

It is natural for young kids to be curious about their surroundings. They are always curious about the world. These are the moments you have to be in the lookout for. Find these tiny opportunities every single day. Squeeze in some lessons simple enough for your kids to understand. For example, you can share lessons about values like kindness, honesty and compassion. Give them real-life examples and ask them how they would feel or respond to a certain situation. Or you can teach them about anything they can see, hear or experience in their surroundings. When they ask questions about the birds flying, the weather or anything under the sun, be ready to answer. These are the crucial moments when a lot of learning can occur.

Fine tune their fine motor skills

Before your child even starts preschool, you can help them prepare. Give them the chance to play with clay and form shapes and letters ahead of time. You can also guide them with using scissors as they practice cutting out shapes. These small hand tasks will improve their fine motor skills which they will need later in school.

Visit the school ahead of time

Visiting the school with your child ahead of time is an excellent way to introduce them to a preschool environment. This will give them an idea of what they are most likely going to do and experience once they start school. Make it more exciting for them by touring them around, introducing them to the teachers and even playing on the school grounds. This should help increase their comfort in the new setting.

Starting preschool may not be easy for most kids. But you can help make the transition go as smooth as possible with the help of these tips. And if you’re looking for the best preschool in Tucson that will fit your child’s needs, please consider The Apple Tree Learning Center.