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Simple Things to Do and Enjoy!

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Have toddlers? A preschooler or two? And are you looking for simple things to do?
The Apple Tree Learning Centers is listing some favorite activities to do with those kids under five. Those days when you have little ones in your home are certainly some of the busiest years — but also some of the sweetest years as they have an exuberance and joy about them. Enjoy!

Tucson Arizona Child Care

Bocks rock for young children!l

1. Blow bubbles.
2. Invest in a good go-to book of ideas. The series Five in a Row. Highly recommended.
3. Crayons and paper.
4. Markers and paper for those of you who love to live a bit boldly.
5. Paint and paper for those of you ready to practically ready to bungee jump through the day.
6. Let them help you bake.
7. Teach them to crack an egg. Expect a mess, but a joy filled preschooler!
8. Teach them how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
9. Make hopscotch in your kitchen.
10. Go for a walk.
11. Chase shadows.
12. Go for a walk, chase shadows, blow bubbles, and have a race.
13. Go on a nature hunt.
14. Work on reading.
15. Work on reading and painting.
16. Teach the letters of the alphabet.
17. Work on writing the letters of the alphabet.
18. Make a treasure hunt.
19. Institute nap time. Or at least rest time.
20. Have a friend come over.
21. Read books.
22. Read more books.
23. Have them “read” the books to you back.
24. Act out the books.
25. Go swinging.
26. Rest in the grass, on a non-rainy day, and look at the clouds.
27. Listen to music.
28. Dance in your living room.
29. Listen to their stories.
30. Let them pick out lunch.
31. Take them to the bookstore.
32. Take them to the library.
33. Sort through your toys.
34. Play with blocks.
35. Make patterns with the matchbox cars.
36. Practice counting. Use simple things.
37. Practice adding. It’s just like counting, just make them add the two groups together.
38. Let them wash dishes in the sink.
39. Let them help fold towels.
40. Take them for a drive.

Tucson Arizona Childcare

Read! Books are a big open window for a child’s imagination!

41. Take them for a drive while you go to get coffee.
42. Take them for a drive while you go to get coffee and let them order a their own hot cocoa or apple juice.
43. Go to the garden center.
44. Let them push the cart when you shop.
45. Play dress up.
46. Let them use glue. And if you’re bold get out the glitter!
47. If you use glitter have them shake it in a pan so the glitter doesn’t get everywhere.
48. Do simple science experiments with them.
49. Plant a garden.
50. Talk about the seasons.
51. Trace their hands and write down things they say in them.
52. Watch a movie. Media is okay. Freedom.
53. Fill a bird feeder.
54. Get a bird feeder kit and make a bird feeder.
55. Run, or at least let them run.
56. Have a no smiling contest!
57. Teach them to fold socks.
58. Teach them how to put away the silverware. No sharp knives, of course.
59. Take funny pictures with them.
60. Take funny videos.
61. Make maps.
62. Learn about clouds.
63. Make model clouds.
64. Play Legos.
65. Tell a story with Legos.
66. Let them help you dust.
67. Teach them how to say I love you in different languages.
68. Look for red (choose any color) things in your home.
69. Play catch.
70. Tape their name on paper and have them color around it.
71. Pick flowers.
72. Pick flowers and give some to your neighbors.
73. If you can’t pick them, go to Trader Joe’s and buy some for $3.99.
74. Count to 100.
75. Teach counting by twos.
76. Let them help you wash the walls.
77. Teach them to tie their shoes.
78. Teach them how to set the table.
79. Make a fort. With pillows!
80. Let them play with flashlights.
81. Make shadow puppets on the wall.
82. Bring a stack of books in the living room and read them all.
83. Let them take a bubble bath.
84. Go to Target.
85. Play with chalk outside.
86. Draw chalk roads and a town for them to play in.
87. Play hide and seek.
88. Let them play with the pots and pans and measuring cups.
89. Play Memory.90. Act out different animals.
91. Get out the playdough.
92. Have them tell you their favorite things.
93. Hold them.
94. Simply sit and watch them. They grow.
95. Give yourself a gold star. Kids under five take work!!!