spanish program

Spanish Program Benefits

One of the most overlooked benefits of learning a second language is the underlying linguistic knowledge that is acquired. Since the acquisition of native languages is such an involuntary process, many of the rules of language form and structure are not consciously understood as much as they are naturally accepted.

When an individual is faced with the challenge of learning a language later in life, the process is much a much more conscious, academic, and theoretical one. The Apple Tree Learning Centers knows how important it is to start acquiring this information when children are young and their minds are fresh.

Rules, structures, and forms are identified and committed to memory while the children work to incorporate those new structures into their mind. The act of identifying structures and forms in a new language goes a long way towards being able to recognize similar aspects in the children’s native language.

Often, the process of learning a new language actually improves the children’s understanding of their native language as well.

Your Child Is In A Safe Environment

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