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Tucson Summer Camp Program

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Are your children BORED during the summer?

Tucson Summer Camp Program

The Apple Tree Learning Centers
has fun in the sun!

They won’t be bored here! At The Apple Tree Learning Centers, children have all the fun that comes with summer while learning skills to help them grow. School-agers participate in a variety of summer program activities each week, with plenty of amazing things to discover about the week’s theme.

This summer children will be dedicated to learning and discovering what they want to be when they grow up! Our “Edu-Camp” focus is: Children having so much fun they do not know they are learning during days filled with field trips, projects, and accompanied with physical activities!

Your child enjoys: Career Day, Science Program, Physical Education, Special Field Trips, Dance, and Much More!

The kids will learn basics in the fundamentals of bringing healthy and delicious foods to life. Watch your child’s self-esteem soar, team building strength’s reinforced and friendships grow.

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Hooray for Summer Camp!

Are you ready for adventure? Are you ready to try new things? Then get ready for the summer of your life!! Fun challenges, games and activities await you and your friends as we learn about goal setting, service learning and healthy lifestyles. Take the fun home by challenging your family to try new foods, activities and fun.

Let us help you discover that you have what it takes to be a kid with character!  Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility… these are the important skills and values you will practice and learn through fun activities, service learning projects and team building activities during summer camp!

Learn to be your best self, and how your best self helps create a better place for us all.

Each day, teachers will provide daily learning experiences in math, science and literacy through special educational activities to help keep your child’s mind sharp — all summer long! Our schools are focused on safety with the children every day that they are in our care. This goes beyond the classroom and into our transportation safety as well.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers employs highly trained teachers to care for your children all year long. Our child care center abides by state regulations, and strives to provide quality care for your children.

To schedule your tour, call (520) 882-3816 today!  

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