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Fun Summer Games for Kids

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Spring is here and summer is on the way! Soon, you and your child will be out of school and enjoying the beautiful weather and shaking off the chill of winter. But as the novelty wears out, the long summer days can bring complaints of boredom. You know the refrain, “Mom/dad, I am bored.” It’s an annual seasonal complaint that you are by now very familiar with. To help bust up the boredom, we have put together a little list of fun summer games for kids that you can use this summer. These fun summer games for kids are sure to get them laughing and smiling!

Liquid Limbo

fun summer games for kids

Shake off the winter chill with these fun summer games.

Add a summer splash to this classic party game with liquid limbo.  Use the stream from a water hose as the stick for a high-stakes game of limbo. If someone hits the water jet, the one holding the hose gets to spray them until their soaked!

Backyard Bath

If you have little ones, toddlers, a great way to introduce them to summer activities is to take a relatively familiar activity, bath time, and turn it into a fun summer experience. Fill a kiddie pool with water, bath toys, and bubbles and turn a chore into a delight.

Ball Blast

Exercise your child’s hand eye coordination with this fun race against the clock. Use ropes to create a circle or square on your lawn. Place balls of varying sizes and weights inside. Give your child a hose and challenge her to push the balls out with the water in less than a minute.

Balloon Babies

A summer game for kids that tests patience and care. Fill up a water balloon and draw a face on it with a dark marker. Wrap it in a paper towel, then hand your kid (4 and up) his new “baby.” See how long he can take care of it before it breaks. If there is more than one child, make it a friendly game of competition and see who can keep their balloon longest. (Note, this game has been known to last several days.)

Squirt Gun Tag

This clever twist on a classic summer game for kids is pretty self-explanatory: Have everyone get in bathing suits and play tag. Whoever is “It” gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold blast of water.

Sponge Bucket

This is a great game and a challenge of perseverance and patience. Give each of your kids two buckets—one filled with water and one empty—and a sponge. Instruct them to transfer the water from one bucket to the other using only the sponge. Whoever does it the fastest gets first choice of ice-cream or popsicles. Solo kids can also play by racing against the clock.

Summer Games for Kids at The Apple Tree Learning Center

The Apple Tree Learning Center Loves Summer Fun! We offer a special summer program where kids of all ages can come to laugh, love and learn. At summer camp, kids get to enjoy the outdoors and fun summer games. Come check out our summer camp program and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!