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Daycare in Tucson TestimonialsChoosing a childcare center that fits the needs of your family requires research and touring your choices. And even then it may not always be enough!

Reading reviews and testimonials from current parents of the center can often round out the information you receive, and expose you to some of the unique services offered.

We are proud of the care and education we provide at The Apple Tree Learning Centers, and hope some of the kind words of appreciation help you realize how much we truly offer you, your family, your child and their future!

If you are already a parent at The Apple Tree Learning Centers, we would love to hear what you think of our center! Please go to our Contact Us page, and leave your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions.

Thank you!

“I choose The Apple Tree Learning Centers because it was close to work and the price was reasonable around this area. The teachers are very friendly and i can see that my daughter is learning a lot. They just added cameras in each room and on the playground so i can feel that my daughter is safe. I like the fact that you cannot have access the room without a code, so there’s another level of security. Around Christmas, they have a singing presentation with Mr. Ray, and that nice touch makes you feel like family.”

~A happy parent


“The Apple Tree Learning Centers teacher’s are so attentive to all the kids in the classes. My daughter is currently in the 2 year old class and her teacher’s have all been fabulous. Kids are always learning whether its music time with Mr. Ray, or art time, or playing outside on the playground. The teachers make sure kids are safe and at the same time give them “room” to experience things in their own ways. While the parking lot is a little cramped at times, there’s plenty of room in the classes for the little one’s to grow!”

~ Sarah Hiser

“My daughter has been with Apple Tree since opening here in Tucson. She has grown and matured a great deal in thanks to the great staff that has been here working with her and the other kids. I know from experience that the job they face is difficult and the patience and dedication that has been shown is evident in my daughters development. I have recommended Apple Tree to friends in need and have also kept her here even though the drive was inconvenient. I much rather drive out of my way to bring her somewhere she will be happy.”

~Emilie P.

“I researched and toured many preschools in the Tucson area in search for the right school. After having a bump in the preschool road, I was recommended The Apple Tree Learning Center. The Apple Tree has allowed my child to grow not only from an education point but also from a natural, curiosity aspect that makes up our children. I have been very pleased with the teachers and staff. They provide a nurturing and safe environment where the children feel comfortable and the parents do as well. The Apple Tree Learning Centers allowed me to regain that confidence and trust I had briefly lost in my quest for a school that would enable my child to flourish.”


“I am very happy and pleased with the services that are being provided. I feel that we are finally getting what we have been looking for. My daughter is very happy and I have not seen her this way in other places. The teachers are very welcoming and the whole experience has been wonderful. the care I have been receiving for my child, the security, and the sense of calm I have when I leave her at The Apple Tree Learning Centers is so important for me as a parent. Knowing that my child is being well taken care of is indescribable; thank you for everything and I highly recommend this day care center!”

~ Mahnaz D

“Thank you so much for taking good care of my daughter; this is something that money cannot buy. I feel calm and secure in leaving my daughter at The Apple Tree Learning Centers. A soon as I walk through the door, I can feel the love and care that the staff give to the children. What I love the most is how nice the staff are. Everyone is always has this huge smile and their uniform is always presentable. Another thing I like is the number of windows, it makes it easier for parents and other staff to take a look and make sure everything is okay with the children. The location of the center is perfect. The center is close to downtown, and close to the University of Arizona, which makes it more convenient for me being a parent and student. I appreciate the fact that you go the extra mile for my daughter, and I would gladly recommend other parents to The Apple Tree Learning Centers.”

~ Angel Carrasco

“As a parent, I feel very comfortable leaving my daughter here because I feel that safety precautions are always in place. She is socializing so much better and is learning so much, all thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff. We are extremely happy with the services provided by The Apple Tree Learning Centers. The staff is very nice and caring. I am very glad I found The Apple Tree Learning Centers!”

~ Gina Vieweg

“The reason I bring my children to The Apple Tree Learning Centers is because I know they enjoy being here. I do not have to worry about anything because I know that they are safe and in great hands.”

~ Rosanna

“I appreciate how accommodating everyone is at the center. Sometimes my son needs a little extra attention and guidance and the teachers do their best to meet his needs. Everyone is so patient and kind with him. It is a positive and happy place.”

~ Stephanie Robles

“I love the fact that this learning center is like a school for all ages. My daughter is only 1 year old and is learning so much. She learns baby sign language, colors, and numbers. The staff is super friendly as well!”

~ Erica Cruz

Testimonial-2Testimonial-2-part-2  ~ Shari & John

“Exelente personal mil y un millon de gracias por todo, mi hija las adora!!”
“Excellent personnel, a thousand and a million “Thank Yous” for everything, my daughter loves you guys!!”

~ Lety Salguero

“We really like our new center. Every time I pick Gracie up in the evening, she is happy and playing. She seems to really enjoy herself here.”

~ Alison Hammett

“Our son is doing very well at The Apple Tree Learning Centers. The staff is always friendly, warm, and responsive to the children and their families. Our son starts the day happy and ends the day the same way. Great Pre-School.”

~ Kim R. Taylor

From the bottom of our hearts Rene and I are very grateful to have met such a great person as yourself.  We could have never found a better day care than yours.  You have taken time and effort out of your busy life to care over our son. You have taught him many things that has made him an even smarter child.  You have opened your arms and your heart to our little boy and for that and all of the above we are forever grateful.  May God bless you and your beautiful family and may you all have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

~ Sincerely Rene & Ruth & Family

“We have been so happy with The Apple Tree Learning Centers. The kids are active all day and the teachers give them lots of individual attention. Our daughter loves her group and has a great sense of pride in going to her school every day!”

~ Molly S – Tucson, AZ

“Our son has learned how to socialize and as a result also has many good friends. The Apple Tree Learning Centers is also a wonderful platform to teach routine at a young age.”

~ David and Meredith R – Tucson, AZ

“Great People!
I highly recommend The Apple Tree Learning Centers. I have twin girls and they have grown so much since I have enrolled them. I am very confident in the care they receive at The Apple Tree Learning Centers.”

~ Lisa – Tucson, AZ

“I have been at The Apple Tree Learning Centers in Tucson since the day it opened. It is a fantastic new facility with the latest in toys and technologies. However, while that is important, the best part is the people. I have observed they are extremely particular about who they hire and how they perform. This has resulted in an absolutely superior staff that is like family to both me and my 2 boys! I can’t say enough about the staff, both administration and teaching. Thank you to The Apple Tree Learning Centers for all your support over the years!”

~ Heidi – Tucson, AZ

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