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What you need to know about Secondary Drowning

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As summer time sets in here in Tucson, there are dangers to be aware of. This time of year families spend more time in rivers, or pools. Accidents and drowning’s increase as well. Parents need to be extra alert during the time their children are near these areas. Be aware of the surroundings and have a plan in case something does happen.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers teaches children how to be cautious and inform an adult if anything abnormal is occurring. Drowning is a big issue and it happens often, but secondary drowning is something parents might not even notice.

Secondary drowning can be difficult to recognize since the victim appears to be OK right after a near-drowning event. Your child may breathe in a very small amount of water and seem like he or she has successfully expelled it through coughing. In secondary drowning, the water may fill up some of the oxygen-rich pores of the lungs, which reduces the ability to oxygenate blood as it passes through.

The heart does not slow down significantly with this process, but rather very, very slowly, so your child will still be able to talk and walk. The only symptoms may be a sudden change in personality or level of awareness as the blood oxygen level drops over time.

So if your child has experienced a near-drowning experience, watch for a sudden change of personality or energy level. You can save your child’s life if you act quickly and get them medical treatment immediately.

We hope this brings awareness to all who read this. Never doubt yourself and if you feel something is just not right, it probably is not. It is better to be safe than sorry in these type of situations. Teach your children to be careful and to keep away from the deep of the pool.

The Apple Tree Learning Centers wants to make sure this never happens to another child, so pass this on and please share with those who you think might need to know.
Enjoy your summer and be your children’s teacher. Teach your children something new every day!