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Why Is Childcare So Important?

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Group activities help children in so many ways!

Researchers found that attending any pre-school, compared to none, predicted better results at GCSE overall, and higher grades in GCSE math and English, as well as the likelihood of achieving five or more GCSEs at grade A to C.

Further analysis carried out by the Institute of Fiscal Studies shows that children who attend pre-school will be $26,800 better off over their working lives, or around $36,000 for an average household. This was calculated to equate to a benefit to the Exchequer of $16,000 per household.

Other key findings are:

  • The quality of pre-school is particularly important for children whose parents had low qualifications.
  • The longer children spent in pre-school the higher their GCSE grades, with those who had spent two to three years in pre-school – whether part-time or full-time – achieving higher GCSE grades overall.
  • Boys, in particular, attending a medium or high-quality pre-school achieved ‘significantly higher’ grades in math GCSE, than those in lower-quality or not attending pre-school.
  • High quality pre-school is linked to better self-regulation, pro-social behavior and lower levels of hyperactivity.
  • Positive parenting and especially ‘a more stimulating home learning environment’, especially for young children, helps to promote better outcomes.
The Apple Tree Learning Centers

Fun with putty play!

The Apple Tree Learning Centers, like other early learning programs, is important for children who receive little to no stimulation at-home. Furthermore, the researchers also suggest that in addition to early learning programs, children may benefit from programs designed to help parents boost at-home stimulation for their children.

Childcare was seen as a luxury and now it is a necessity. It is a necessity for both the child and the parents. Of course we know that childcare is the place where we drop off our children and we go to work, but it has become a key element of the physical growth and educational growth of the children.

The High Reach curriculum that The Apple Tree Learning Center provides, helps students learn to use rhythmic speech in movement multi-tasking exercises. This helps them develop fluency in speech and movement.

As students engage in the rhythmic movement exercises, they must listen and respond, on-time, to alphabet and number prompts. The use of rhythmic speech in High Reach curriculum exercises helps students hear the sequences of phonemes in words and requires them to elongate and over-enunciate consonant and vowel sounds.