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Our Experienced Teachers Help Your Child Grow!

Daycare in Tucson AZ

Staff at The Apple Tree Learning Centers help your child learn and smile!

The Apple Tree Learning Centers is proud of our staff’s deep commitment to your child’s education.

Founder Carmina Mariscal’s dedication to her own children, and her desire to be present for her children’s upbringing during the early years, helping their development and socialization skills, is the strong foundation upon which she based her business.

“They learn from other kids,” states Carmina. “They have grown up together. It’s like a big family.”

Child Care Honored

Strong family ties have also been part of her influence in the community. As a role-model and  mentor for other preschool providers in the Green Valley-Sahuarita area, Carmina was nominated as the child-care provider of the week because of her outstanding participation with the United Way’s Early Childhood Partnership of Southern Pima County in the Green Valley-Sahuarita area.

Carmina and other honorees previously selected “Caregivers of the Week” by local public broadcasting stations were then profiled in the award-winning series “A Place of Our Own” and its Spanish-language edition “Los Ninos en Su Casa“.

In 2010 Carmina was among 17 daycare providers recognized at the third National Child Care Providers Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.  Los Angeles-based public television station KCET, and Washington’s WETA, presented the ceremony, which was attended by PBS officials and congressional members.  The ceremony took place on Capitol Hill and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords presented the award to Carmina, who was proudly representing the state of Arizona.

Carmina was awarded her Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate on September 1, 2008, having demonstrated competence in working with young children through an assessment by the CDA National Credentialing Program.  The credential was awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C.  A CDA is the only national effort to improve daycare by evaluating and recognizing the skills of individuals providing care.

Parents who used child care are especially concerned about their children’s welfare.  With this in mind, as part of the CDA assessment process, every candidate for the CDA credential is observed  working with young children or families by an early childhood professional.  In addition, the candidate must demonstrate the ability to work with families to develop children’s physical and intellectual capabilities in a safe and healthy learning environment.

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